Mercel Avenue Allotment Site

The Council has one allotment site at Mercel Avenue, containing thirty allotment gardens. The area of land comprises approximately two acres and is leased from a local landowner. The lease expires in 2021. The Council has, however, requested the landowner to sell it the freehold of this land and a further parcel of adjoining land for allotments to accommodate those persons on the Council’s allotment waiting list. It is still awaiting a response to this request. 

All tenants have to comply with Tenancy Conditions. The current annual rent payable is £25.00 with effect from 29th September 2018.  See below for the number of people on the current waiting list with names.  

ALLOTMENTS WAITING LIST updated 25 July 2019.

Application for an Allotment Garden 

Please download this form and email to: or send by post to address on application form.

Any enquiries regarding the allotments should be made to Mrs. Julie Hardy on 01302 830543 (Monday-Friday between 9.00am and 1pm).