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Community Centre & General Purposes Committee

The Community Centre and General Purposes Committee meets eleven times a year on the third Tuesday in each month and has thirteen Members,

The Council has delegated all its statutory powers and duties relating to the operation of Armthorpe Community Centre, except the power to levy a rate or borrow money.  The Committee determines policies relating to the Community Centre (excluding the operation of the licensed bar), including determining and arranging all forms of entertainment to be provided by the Council, such as the Halloween Fancy Dress and Disco, the annual fireworks display and the Annual Christmas Tea and Social for elderly residents of Armthorpe. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets every two months on the fourth Tuesday.  It comprises all Members of the Council. 

It is responsible for exercising budgetary control of the Council’s estimates throughout each financial year, supervision of the administration and other matters relating to the Council’s accounting records and procedures, including arranging from time to time of an internal audit of the same.  Its findings are then reported to the Council with the Committee’s recommendations. 

In addition, the Committee has delegated authority to carry out all the powers and duties of the Council relating to the operation of the bar in the Community Centre, including appointment of staff, hours of duty, rates of pay, setting the bar tariff and purchasing of necessary equipment and drinks.   

Staffing Committee

The Committee comprise seven Members of the Council and meets when it has to exercise the authority delegated to it by the Council to make appointments to permanent posts, including determination of remuneration, terms and conditions of service, grievances, etc. and dismissal of such employees, except that the appointment of the Clerk to the Council and his/her terms and conditions of employment shall be determined by a special meeting of the whole Council..

It also has to review from time to time the 'benchmark' salary to be paid to the Clerk to the Council and accordingly make any recommendations to the Finance Committee for subsequent consideration by the Council.

Disciplinary and Grievance Panels 

This Panel, which comprises five Members of the Council who are not Members of the Staffing Committee, has delegated authority to exercise all the powers of the Council in relation to the determination of employee appeals from decisions of the Staffing Committee.

Meetings of the Panel are held when there are matters relating to the above that require consideration.