Planning Applications

Applications for planning permission to carry out development within the area of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC), are submitted to that Council for determination by its Planning Committee. Detailed information on the process involved can be seen on the DMBC website.

Each month the Parish Council considers the planning applications submitted to DMBC for development in Armthorpe, to see if it had any objections or comments to make on the same. Anyone can submit a comment on an application, either directly to DMBC (by post or via its website) or by making representations at the Parish Council meeting when an application is discussed. It is, however, DMBC that is responsible for making the decision, either by its Planning Committee or by delegation to an Officer. Consequently, it is always worthwhile to comment directly to DMBC, even if you have made the Parish Council aware of your views. The 'What is taken into account?' section of the 'Frequently Asked Questions' on DMBC’s webpage, lists some of the material matters that may be taken into account when a decision is reached on applications, as well as matters that will not be considered.

The latest Planning Applications can be found in the Doncaster Council Planning Portal.