Your Council

The Council is a local authority by virtue of the Local Government Act 1972, although it has been in existence since 1894 under an Act of Parliament passed at that time. It comprises of fifteen Members. Members of the Council are democratically elected for four years and will automatically retire from office in May 2025, when the next local council election is held.  

The Council is required by law to appoint from its Members a Chairman and Vice-Chairman.  During the municipal year 2021/22 the Chairman of the Council is Councillor C. Brodhurst-Brown and the Vice-Chairman is Councillor L.A.Donald.

All Members of the Council have signed up to the Council’s Code of Conduct and accordingly registered their various interests, which may be inspected by members of the public. The register of each member's interests is on deposit at Armthorpe Community Centre and may be inspected during the Centre’s opening hours or by clicking on the Councillors' link.

Members of the Council are not paid for their services, which are entirely voluntary.